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Quarantine Chronicles Day Two: Research

Good morning everyone! I meant to post yesterday, but didn’t quite have the chance. Yesterday I woke up late – around 10:30! WHAT!? Even on the weekends I don’t normally sleep in that late. On the (normal) weekends we either have to go to work, or have the younger kids. So sleeping in usually isn’t an option. Yesterday I knew I could, so I took advantage of it. 

When I got up, Cassidy was already in my office doing her school work. I told her that she could use my office while she was quarantined so she wouldn’t have to sit on her bed and do her work. Using the office she would have a more organized space to do her work in. By now, she is used to quarantine life – unfortunately. She would like me to inform everyone that while doing her school work, she ate a whole (Sharing Size) bag of starburst. Ha!

home office
This is my home office space.

Khalub also was doing his school work, and is making a plan for himself for the project that is due literally the day we get out of quarantine. When we first got notified that we all had to quarantine, he was really upset. I get it. I honestly feel really bad for him. The only reason he wanted to go back to face to face learning was because of sports. Now he is out for three weeks, and even when he gets back he won’t be able to play any games until he makes up enough practices. This is to make sure he is physically fit enough to play so he doesn’t get hurt. Lots of games have already been canceled, or rescheduled etc… but that doesn’t make it any less painful. 

First things first, I had to call the school(s) office and let them know the official day that we would be getting out of quarantine. I thought it was weird that they didn’t want the official documents from the health department, but I suppose they would contact the school themselves. I also called my office and checked in. I guess it was unnecessary, but they were supposed to call me back Wednesday to see if we could work out a plan on working from home somehow. I also asked if they knew anything about the FFCRA Act. In case any of you don’t know the FFCRA Act is the federal law by the U.S. Department of Labor stating that employers have to pay their employees for quarantine time, if mandated by health officials, for up to 80 hours or two weeks of regular pay. Of course other stipulations apply. In my case, we are quarantined for three weeks, so I would have to figure out something for the third week. This is where the possibility of working from home would come into effect. FYI, my employer didn’t know anything about that law, and said they would look into it… I REALLY hope we are covered.

Some of the schools here are already switching to 100% virtual learning.

After that most of my day consisted of research. As part of my plan for my quarantine time, I want to go through some of my things and get rid of what I don’t use. I normally donate, but if my job doesn’t comply with the FFCRA Act, and pay me for my time in quarantine I will need to find a way to make some money. Heck even if they do, the extra money could be used to start saving for Christmas. 

I found that some of the apps / sites for selling clothes can be a bit much. I am willing to try, but am kind of worried that I won’t make any sales. Hmmmm. I am positive that things will work out the way they are supposed to. 

All Natural Goat’s Milk Soap with Hand Rolled Oats & Dried Lavender

This weekend we were supposed to be attending a vendor show with Helina’s Healing All Natural Skin Care products, which consists of our body butters, sugar scrubs, face toners, and even soaps! Welp, now that we are in quarantine that won’t be possible since we can’t leave the house. I did decide that I will be setting up an online shop with our products and try to move some inventory that way.(Not to worry – everything will be sanitized before shipping out, and everything was made weeks ago before any positive test results, and have been sealed ever since.) I have worked in ecommerce marketing for a long time, and I am positive that I will be able to make some sales online. Even if it’s just one, that is better than none. I think I would be more disappointed in myself if I didn’t even try. So that’s what I will be working on today.

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    1. Thanks Nic! That’s actually the site I was talking about giving a try. 😉 I figure I’ll try my hand at it, it can’t hurt to at least try. Do you use Poshmark? If so, do you like it? I read “an honest review” on it, and was weary.

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