A Lifetime Worth Of Changes

**I wrote this article a long time ago, to try and catch up. I never published, but I think this is definitely publish worthy. These are just a few things that I have been up to during my hiatus from writing.

Hi everyone! It certainly has been forever since I last wrote. When it came time to renew my subscription and website, I seriously contemplated not renewing. mostly because I haven’t written in a long time. However, I sometimes forget how much I love writing, and how much of an outlet it is for me. These last two years (to say the least) have been extremely lifechanging.

The last time I wrote, I let everyone know that we were going through a lot with my family including life changing stages for all of our kids. That was emotionally tough, but we got through it as expected. The next major thing was that my immediate family and I (Chris, Cassidy, Khalub, and I) went down to Illinois in August to move my dad here. That was a journey, not just to get down there, and get him here, but also to make sure he is being taken care of while he is here. We are constantly making sure he gets everything he needs from doctors, to prescriptions, we set him up with an apartment and so forth. He eats dinner over here every single night. And it is a pleasure to do this for him.

Papa Hanging out in our Livingroom

Shortly after we moved him here, at the beginning of October we went back to Illinois to bring my 4 month old niece, who we just got guardianship of, back home. She has been in our care for almost 5 months now, and she is the joy of our life. If you have followed my blog at all, you know that I will do anything for my nieces and nephews as if they were my own. September is no exception. I have to say, that when we got her we didn’t know what to expect. What I can say is that my stomach was not allowing me to let her stay there another minute. It happened very very fast.

Now she is here, and although I can’t go into all of the circumstances online, I can say that we are in the process of getting legal guardianship of her. It is a very lengthy process. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. With us, I know she is safe, clean, fed, and has a very loving stable home.

When we first went to go get her, I was afraid. Not because I doubt my capabilities of taking care of an infant or child in general, but because I was about to be (mostly) done. Although I am relatively young, my kids that live with us full time are about to be in college. This would mean that all of our plans for “after kids” would be put on hold. Now that we have her, none of that matters. She is my heart and soul. She is also my blood, my baby. I am still getting a grasp on the fact that we have an infant in the house again. It is fun, it is exhausting, but it is so rewarding. I am beyond thankful that I have the ability to work from home, and have a flexible schedule to allow me to care for her.

I also want to say that I was beyond thankful to be able to take her in before she became a ward of the state, and I would never ever be able to find and or see her again. So please – welcome to our family September.

Baby September with her toys in front of the fireplace

I have about a million different feelings and photos that I would like to share, but for now I wanted to let you all know that we have a new member to our immediate family.

How have you guys been? Any challenges or major changes in life?

I will be writing again very soon – also note, that things have changed MAJORLY since I have written this article.

I hope you are all well, and I miss writing so much. I hope to get back to it very very soon.

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