Quarantine Chronicles: Wrapping Up The First Week & Still Figuring Out A Plan

Hi everyone!! At the beginning of quarantine – and it’s still early on for me – my intention was to write every day. I have been writing every day, but not publishing. It turns out that I am not one of those writers that can just whip up some words and hit publish. It actually takes me a while to sit down and write what I want. So, I will try and do better. Although there hasn’t been much going on worth documenting. 

So far, one of my favorite parts of my newly adapted routine has been going outside in the morning on the back steps and enjoying my coffee! The air is crisp, but not too cold, and the breeze is usually just perfect. As you can see in my photo the leaves are already turning and beginning to fall. 

Morning coffee outside with my favorite fall coffee mug

Some of My Helina’s Healing All Natural Skin Care Products Have Been Listed on Ebay

On Friday most of my day consisted of sitting in front of the computer. Although I regret working from the couch and not my office. (Cassidy didn’t have to use my office, as there wasn’t any school). By the end of the day my back was killing me! Note to self, actually use the office chair I got myself. 

When writing product descriptions, I have this whole entire process. As mentioned in previous posts, I have several years of experience in ecommerce. The major difference is that I have never listed any of my own products. I have worked with companies where I truly knew the products, but this is different. I honestly believe in my products, and the healing powers within them, because they have worked for me (for a couple years now) and many of my family members and customers. 

“A friend of mine gave me a sample of your cream to try on my two year old, and it did more for him in two days than his actual steroid cream” 

A very sweet message from a customer of mine, asking about the eczema cream.

That is a message I received from a customer about my eczema cream, and it absolutely makes my heart melt! This is why I started making these products in the first place. So how do I relay this to potential customers? I am still waiting on some before and after pics from a couple customers / friends, that I know will make a difference in the listings. It’s just different listing products when you pour your whole entire heart into it I guess. So creating the listings took a while. I still have lots more to do, but now I at least have a template to work from. 

Helina’s Healing All Natural Eczema Cream – Honey Lavender Chamomile

I Have Slept In (Sorta)

This one is weird. I don’t sleep in much. My body is just not programmed for it. I guess I can blame the military for this one. Okay not actually blame, because that would imply that waking up early is a bad thing. On Thursday I slept in until 10:30, Friday I slept until about 9, and Saturday I woke up at about 7:45. So each day I have gotten up a bit earlier than the day before. I think I just needed a day or two to sleep in longer than normal. 

As Far As Exercise Goes…

In my post Focusing On Health After Abuse I announced that one of the small changes I have made was standing at work. This is easy for me to do there, because we have bar height counters where our computers sit. Standing burns at least 100 more calories per hour than sitting (for someone of my weight). Welp, I have been sitting practically all day, since the beginning of quarantine. This means I am not burning as many calories as I would during a normal work day. Shoot! 

I am planning on exercising every day for at least a little bit. Starting Monday I will go for a walk every day and probably break up some of time in front of my computer with either yoga or pilates. Jumping on the trampoline is another great option too!! Friday I did jump on the trampoline for a while. I joked with Cassidy that if I kept that up, by the time we’re out of quarantine my legs will be totally awesome! 

Even though I plan on exercising, I still won’t be burning nearly as many calories as I would during a regular work day. This means I have to lessen my calorie intake. Since I won’t need as many calories, it won’t be hard for me. I just have to stay away from snacky foods!! 

Layin’ on the trampoline after a good leg workout with messy hair

In General

My kids aren’t going completely nuts yet. Which is a really good thing. Khalub has handled this particularly well so far and I am proud of him. He has proven to be quite resourceful though. His friends have been dropping off bags full of snacks and goodies on the porch for him to pick up. 

Cassidy is still doing well also. She has her grandparents dropping off goodies for her regularly also! These kids, I swear. I can’t say anything, though. I had my sister in law drop wine off on the porch last night. It was fabulous!! I saved some for another time in quarantine as well. I am actually pretty proud of myself for that. It goes down so easily. 

Straight Mood! Eating lunch directly out of the pot instead of putting it into a bowl.

Lastly, I am VERY jealous of Bubs, because he still gets to go to work. If you have been following my blog for a while you know that Bubs and I work at the same place. If not, now you just learned that my boyfriend and I do in fact work at the same place. We don’t see each other at work though. How does he still get to go to work? I’ll tell you, it is because the place we work at is a salvage yard / tow service. We have over 50 acres of vehicles for parts for our customers when they need something. (We ship all over the US). The lots regularly need maintenance, and upkeep, and the vehicles need to be tended to in order to minimize damage from storms etc… So during our quarantine period, it was agreed that he would work in the “North 40” or the 40 acres about a mile away from the office. All by himself, and no, customers are not allowed out there. He is still lonely, but he still gets to go to work and not sit in the house all day. I on the other hand work in the office, and am in pretty close proximity to the others who work in the office. So I am stuck at home.

Feature Photo by Peter Olexa from Pexels

4 thoughts on “Quarantine Chronicles: Wrapping Up The First Week & Still Figuring Out A Plan

  1. That is super exciting about your products! I understand the struggle of creating descriptions, I’m starting an Etsy page for my resin pieces I make and it’s hard to put your heart and soul in writing. Good luck!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Bonnie! Ultimately I want to do Etsy, but for now I want to try my hand with Ebay. It’s free to list. Etsy’s fee is small, but when you’re in a pinch ya gotta do what ya gotta do. 🤷‍♀️ Good luck to you as well on your Etsy page! You’re going to have to post it so we can check it out as well.


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